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Travel / Relocation Services for Pets

The difference is “care”

Shifting from Mumbai to Flevoland, Netherlands had Surbhi in high spirits. At 12, she was as excited as her parents to see a new country. But their happiness was short-lived as when they bought tickets to travel, they were told that their lovely little poodle cannot fly with them. According to a common European norm, it had to be vaccinated first. And that’s when they called us, for the dog was allowed to take the trip only after two months and they wanted someone to take care of it till then. We took the poodle under our care, offered a comfortable stay, got all the documents completed, bought a kennel and made sure that the dog was delivered right at their doorstep. The result – an unimaginable dose of happiness for a family that had lost all the hopes of ever seeing their pet again. Our point-of-difference is that we actually “care”. 

Moving to another city, state or country with your pet can be stressful. From paperwork to the transportation, flights and adjustments – the list is huge. We make it easy to do it all with our professional knowledge, relevant experience and up-to-date facilities.  

Whether you’re only looking for a consultation on relocation requirements or want to avail the benefits of our comprehensive pet relocation service, we're here to help. Our deep concern for animal welfare, flawless coordination with authorities and vendors, and affordable rates are ideal for every kind of pet relocation. So we invite you to explore our site and learn more about the unique services that await you at PetFly.

Our Promise

Your pet’s care and comfort are central to our every effort; and at every moment we’ll treat your pet like one of our own. Our staff consists of vastly experienced die hard animal lovers. We follow strict rules, and make sure that the transportation is in accordance with the all the regulations. This is our promise to you.


Dear Petfly And Dr.Choudhry''''s team, I would like to extend our gratitude towards your whole team. Without your help and guidance, our beloved Bruno wouldn''''t have been with us in Canada.Your help made our transition from India to Canada a smooth ride.You looked after our boy just like your own when we had to leave him with you for 3days. You kept us in the loop throughout his journey.Moving home is a very stressful moment and along with a pet, it can be 10 times worse. But you guys held our hand and made it stress-free. Sonia, you are a star, it was your hard work and effort that led us to this custom clearance company in Toronto.We are grateful for your services. P.S. Bruno is loving Canada especially the dog parks and cold weather. Best, Ritika and Amarjeet Singh

Ritika and Amarjeet Singh
Ottawa, Canada

Our little Pug Buster was really taken good care of. The people at Petfly kept in touch with us all the way. There were always people in attendance for Buster. Thankyou very much for all your care and attention, and we would recommend them to anybody who is in the same situation as us.

Karen Latuske
United Kingdom

Milly and Molly from Delhi to Hong Kong. We can''''''''t thank Dr Choudhary enough for her helpfulness and expertise, whilst taking all the worry off our hands with our move. Whilst we were en route to Hong Kong our cats were left in the safe hands of Petfly. They arrived safe and well in Hong Kong and have been back with us for 3 weeks. After some thorough investigation of their new home and lots of cuddles they are as relaxed as ever and have settled very well. Everything went smoothly with no worries and even though the cats had left the hands of Dr Choudhary she still found the time to ensure all was OK whilst the cats were being boarded in Hong Kong. Thank you once again.

John and Annette Reynolds
Hong Kong

Hi, Please find this email as a testament to the work of Sonia and her team in relation to the home transportation between India and the U.K. Of my pet Beagle, Gwen. The preparations for her flight were absolutely faultless, we were provided with super clear and structured information throughout even including the advance rabies checks etc. During the flight it''s self we had a cancellation, although we were already boarded (as was Gwen). This was very concerning as the aircraft had no AC. However Sonia made sure that the appropriate protections were put in place for Gwen making sure that she was transferred to an AC area where she was looked after and given water. When we were off boarded from the flight she then fought to get Gwen on the next flight with us. Meaning that the export documents remained valid...this should not be underestimated...if Sonia had failed to do this we would have been stuck for up to 4 days. All in all I was amazed that Sonia was so committed to Gwen''s well being and to getting her home, going without sleep for 36 hours to make sure that we had a point of contact in India... I can not be grateful enough, Sonia made this difficult time much less stressful for us and for Gwen for which we as a family will be forever grateful. Amazing work! Kindest regards DOMINIC BRADSHAW Construction H&M Hennes and Mauritz India Retail

DOMINIC BRADSHAW Construction H&M Hennes and Mauritz India Retail
Transportation between India and the U.K.

Pet travelled from Delhi to USA Dear Dr Choudhary, I am now all settled back in Florida. So is my German shepherd Smooches. I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your fabulous team. Without you guys, such a smooth journey from across the globe for Smooches wouldn''t have been possible. You guys are really awesome. Honestly, I was very apprehensive in the beginning as I know that treating a pet really well in India is not a cultural thing. But I have to say.... I was super impressed with the way this entire process was handled. Starting from being on time at the airport, to getting everything to make the pet comfortable, to taking care of the entire step wise customs process, to paying attention to the small details such as dry food and water sippers, to sending me pics and updates until the pet actually boarded the flight ..... Simply WOW.....Sonia and her team did a fantastic job! I am delighted and thankful that she personally handled it all. This is the best money that I have spent! Keep up the good work... Can''t thank you enough...

Varchala Abrol

After 29 hours of travel from hotel in New Delhi to our home in Berkeley, California- our new little street dog from India is home with her new big brother dog Banjo and her new sister cat Jahow. Thank you soooooo much for sorting all her records and documents. You are fantastic! Without you and your awesome staff and the fantastic services you offer we never would have been able to make this a reality. With complete gratitude and deepest respect.

Holly B
San Francisco!

Jun 12

Petfly Bags "ATA Animal Welfare Award" in 42nd Annual Conference! Lisbon

Jun 12

PetFly bags "Business Innovation" Award of the year

Jun 12

PetFly bags Best Innovation Award

Dec 20

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